Water and Waste Awareness Month

September is WATER & WASTE AWARENESS MONTH throughout McPherson County. The goal is to build awareness around the importance of managing safe, clean, and efficient water wells, wastewater systems, and water usage habits.

This year's theme is "Love & Happiness With Your Systems," because it is important to not just have a proper water well and wastewater system for your home, but to also monitor, maintain, and mend these systems as needed.


More than just a hole in the ground – your water well is a source of water and life. So show your well some love by making sure it isn’t damaged or in need of repairs.

As your daily source of water for drinking, cleaning, and household use, your water well as an essential operation of your home that requires maintenance. In addition to health, your will want to ensure your water well is operating efficiently, in order to keep your system working at its peak performance and better manage your water resource.

Homeowners should review their well at least four times a year, once every change of season. Items on your water well review checklist should include:

  • Inspecting the casing rising above the ground to ensure it is in good condition and not cracked or tilted.
  • Make sure the seal still properly attached to the casing.
  • Check your electrical conduit for cracks or breaks because you don’t water or moisture building up in there.
  • Is the vent on your seal clear of build-up? Although it doesn’t seem like it, your well needs to breath to ensure quality and that it doesn’t collapse from pressure building up.
  • Are there signs of leaking from the casing, including large weeds and grasses growing up around the well or heavily saturated ground.
  • It is good to get in the habit of taking a water sample and having it tested for bacteria and other conditions at least once a year.

The Department has water testing kits that homeowners can pick up for free and take to a local laboratory for testing. In addition, we can share information from other sources or lists of local contractors specialized in water wells.

The Department of Planning, Zoning, and Environment is happy to partner with existing state and national efforts to provide tips and insight on the use of  water wells and wastewater systems for private residents. We encourage you to visit the  following resources:

Week 1: A Healthy Relationship
 Week 2: Go On A Date With Your Well
Week 3: Your Attention Please!
Week 4: Love the One Your With

For more information, please contact the Department for resources, schedule an inspection on your systems, or to pick up a water testing kit.

Carissa McCuen
Administrative Assistant-Sanitation
(620) 241-2288